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Engaging children in a  deep joy for learning that nurtures curious minds and  kind hearts


We are a family operated, boutique early childhood centre, committed to providing exceptional, meaningful childcare in our community.
We want each child to know, feel and see their remarkable potential.


We honour children’s voices, ideas and theories and will encourage them to speak up and out on the things that matter to them. We embrace children as agents of change who deeply care about their environment and the world around them

Our vision for  children

We view children as meaningful partners in the learning process, bringing their spirit of wonder and curiosity to every occasion. We want children to know, feel and see their remarkable potential. We will always be responsive as a top priority to each child’s wellbeing and regard our trusting relationships as an important building block in each child’s learning journey.

children moving an object together outside
a group of children and adults watching a man play the didgeridoo

Our vision for  families and community

We believe in the practice of partnering. For us this meanscreating a context for meaningful connection with familiesand within our community. We value the rich and diverseperspectives of families and always seek to develop a shared understanding. Inviting families to be decisionmakers requires a level of vulnerability and openness to which we commit.

Our vision for the  

We honour our environment as an important influencer in children’s learning. The way we use time and organise our day keeps children’s wellbeing and learning needs at the heart of all we do. Children learn whilst experiencing care for land, plants,animals and people. We believe through acknowledging Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our practices and program we are better able to communicate and engage more meaningfully within our community and beyond.

A display at The Learning Space
An early childhood educator sharing a meal with children

Our vision for our   teaching team

Our teaching team is a collective who are inspired by their work and the possibilities of making an impact within the early childhood profession. We make a commitment to always dive deep, connecting our practice to theory and challenging the norms. We make a pledge to children to safeguard their early childhood experience through long periods of play, cultivating their ideas and advocating for their rights as learners.

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